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Anyone know how to put a lens back together?  I thought it was just the filter that had fallen off but it's below that.  I'll bring it Monday if anyone's going to be there (it's a holiday, all you retired folks) and see if someone can help, or if I need to take it to a camera shop.

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Avril, I can't help recall your frozen-in-place polarized filter and the various forces we applied attempting to remove it. If you want, I can run errands to Victoria Camera Services for you on my trips to the 'other' hospital, where my father is for a while. I recommend them and they are not out of my way.
Yes, I recall that particular epic battle as well. How is your dad?  I may well take you up on delivering the lens to the shop but maybe I'll bring it Monday and see if anyone has any bright ideas first.  Can't help but think I'm maybe doing something stupid and it's a simple thing to fix. Thanks Doug.
I have duct tape.  The colours, are, black, grey, red or green.  Let me know which you prefer and I will bring it monday.
Red, thanks.
Many thanks to Uri, who has fixed the silly thing with contact cement!


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