All About the SaltSpring Photography Club

The SaltSpring Photography Club is an informal network of people living on SaltSpring Island who share an interest in photography.  It was founded in February, 2009. The Club is a welcoming group of photographers of all skill levels, willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge and gain experience together. Feel free to come to a meeting to see if you would like to join us in this absorbing and creative obsession called Photography.

The Club web site is the club's basic tool for communication on a daily basis. Members use the website to present, view and comment on members' current photography. It is also a place for the exchange of valuable information.

Formal club meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. Holds in-person meetings at the Salt Spring Library from April to September and via Zoom the rest of the year. These meetings start with some small amount of club business and are followed by an educational talk on some aspect of photography and the meeting concludes with a slide show, consisting of images sent in by members, usually to do with that month's theme, with a critique and appreciation session after each photograph.

Casual coffee mornings which normally happen on Mondays at 10 a.m. at a local restaurant are still on hold due to the pandemic. Club members get together and discuss any and every thing, photographic and non-photographic.  This is a good time to get to know other members and to get advise or share technical know-how. 

Exhibitions The club has had two annual exhibitions since its inception. One is the "ArtSpring Lobby Show" in which all members are free to participate and which stays up for the month of January.  The other is the annual "Eclectic Visions", a gallery show. Members who wish to participate in "Eclectic Visions" share the cost of renting the galleries, volunteer during the exhibition and help with the organizing. This year's "Eclectic Visions" was held again at "Gallery 8" at Grace Point from May 17 to May 30 2024.

The club also participates in Country Grocer's monthly community group art display in Country Roasters Cafe, where the gallery wall can accommodate four to five photos by one member or one each from four to five club members at a time.  The Club will have 6 shows at Country Roasters during 2024, they include the months of January, March, May, June, September & November.

Seasonal Slideshows are put together every season and members can submit up to ten of their best works of the season and then shown at various locations on wide screen tvs around the island. The waiting rooms and elder care at Lady Minto Hospital, the Salt Spring Inn, and TJ Beans.

The  SaltSpring Photography Club Executive 2024: